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Dark Violet Hair Colour Ideas

The dark violet hair colour is a versatile shade choice that is suitable for both cool and warm skin tones. If you have naturally dark brown or medium hair, deep violet is the best option for your first trial into unnatural hair hue.

And if you have been experimenting with crazy or light purples hues for some time, a violet dye might be the new style you have been yearning for. Dig this list of amazing violet colour styles that are both provocative and vibrant.

  1. Rich Dark Elegant

This dark violet hair colour is sumptuous enough to pull it off the same way you wear dark brown hair. It is especially ideal for the ladies with warm or dark skin tones. It gives them a great hair glow.

  1. Violet Ombre Curls

You can use dark violet to add a glow to your natural waves. The violet is dark enough to qualify to be fine against a black base shade. However, the cool hints have a significant impact when you want to create warmth in the skin with golden tones.

  1. Dark Dusty Mauve

Embrace the dark and dusty look with a deep colour of mauve that is subtly lighter at the ends of the hair.

  1. Dark Purplish Pink

Are you held up deciding between purple and pink styles? Then this is the perfect hair colour for you. The lighter shades are accentuated at the outer layers of the hair making this haircut unique purple style for thickening your hair. For more attention and warmth, add some ribbons of copper hue.

  1. Smoky Violet Colour Melt

The violet colour melt is one of the chic ways to pull off the violet hair. They look great against warm complexions and are mixed with dark roots using a seamless shade melt technique.

  1. Warm Violet Ombre

If you want to complement your natural gray hair with violet colour, give a shot to an ombre cut that starts about half-way of your strands length. On extended bobs and mid -length hairstyles, this violet can aid complement your cool skin tone.

  1. Violet and Violet Balayage

Violet on violet can be a vibrant shade combination, but this hairstyle maintains its simplicity by utilising a very dark roots shade of black. The balayage is not as much, but just lighter shades.

  1. Brilliant Violet Black

Undoubtedly, dark hair shades can eliminate light complexions, but only if you are working to get a bold look. Dark brows and accessories make this glamorous look a beautifully crafted style.

  1. Dusty Grape

We like grape colours of violet for adding to the golden tones of our skins. This dusty grape look lets you take a break into a pastel hairstyle without having to rock a colour that is lighter for a medium skin tone.

  1. Dark Violet Box Braids

Try box braids if you want a protective hairstyle that gives you an opportunity to try dark violet hair colour.