Beauty Salon Guide

This beauty salon guide will give you an insight into the modern day salon, and you can have an idea before you step into one as to what can be waiting for you on the other side of those garish purple curtains!! Beauty salons are now multi-faceted creatures that have every product and treatment under the sun to tempt you with.

They can be a fantastic place to spend your afternoon, just as long as you do not get tempted into going too far. You must remember that beauty is only skin deep. Plan what you want to have done before you go in and keep to it.

Beauty salons will pamper your whole body starting from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. They will perform miracles on your greasy, limp hair and turn it into a thing of rare beauty. They can use shampoo, conditioners, gels, extensions, dyes, ghd’s and many other products to make your hair look fabulous.

They will give your face a scrub and a facial, get rid of any limp and lifeless skin, and slap some make up on there to get you ready for battle. They can put false eyelashes on to you and shape your eyebrows and whiten your teeth too!

Other treatments include massages, and manicure and pedicures so that your nails look neat and shiny and healthy. You can have your legs waxed, and indeed you can have an all over Brazilian, which is an extremely popular treatment at present. Self tanning is also all the rage as people become aware of the damage that the sun can do to our skin, and most beauty salons will give you a beautiful all over tan without the need to go outdoors.